Circassian Association of California
Adyghe Khasa


September 18, 2010 - Eid-al-Fitr Party

A great time was had by all Circassians at this year's Eid Celebration! Dinner was great and the
raffle was alot of fun!

CIMG01351 CIMG01341 CIMG0116 CIMG0118 CIMG01211 CIMG0147 CIMG01331 CIMG0111 CIMG0106 CIMG0131 CIMG0107 CIMG0108 CIMG01171 CIMG0112 CIMG0113 CIMG0151 CIMG0114 CIMG0150 CIMG0130 CIMG01161 CIMG0115 CIMG0140 CIMG0119 CIMG01201 CIMG01231 CIMG01421 CIMG0139 CIMG0153 CIMG01361 CIMG0104 CIMG0155 CIMG0117 CIMG0126 CIMG01401 CIMG01301 CIMG01461 CIMG0101 CIMG01431 CIMG0138 CIMG01241 CIMG0123 CIMG0148 CIMG01221 CIMG0144 CIMG01291 CIMG0103 CIMG0146 CIMG0137 CIMG0102 CIMG0128 CIMG0105 CIMG0132 CIMG0133 CIMG01261 CIMG0141 CIMG0142 CIMG0143 CIMG01281 CIMG0100 CIMG01311 CIMG0157