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  UNPO 10th General Assembly Member Resolutions

Member Resolutions Summary


Calls on the Georgian authorities to stop the blockade against Abkhazia, lift sanctions, and put a halt to widespread infringements on basic principles of freedom by abolishing restrictive legislation;

Requests all governments especially the Government of Turkey to take measures to provide safe, secure and direct travel of their citizens to Abkhazia;


Condemn the lack of proper recognition and accommodation of the Afrikaner people in line with modern international best practice whether in line with federal or other self-determination measures on the political, economical and cultural terrain;

Request the UN General Secretary to initiate an investigation and dispatch a fact finding mission to South Africa in order to look into the issue of self-determination in line with modern international best practice whether in line with federal or other self-determination measures and the serious human rights violations as represented in the murders of more than 3000 Afrikaner farmers and fam workers since the negotiations started for a free and fair democracy in 1991.


Demands as promulgated under article 110 of the Iraqi constitution, the Assyrian people of Iraq are entitled to an Assyrian autonomous region encompassing the Assyrian ancestral lands, located between the Greater Zab and Tigris rivers with international borders to the north and west, as part of the Federal Republic of Iraq

Demands that the Constitution of Iraq contain a minimum guaranteed quota for Assyrian representing consisting of Assyrian ethnicity.

Calls upon the Federal Republic of Iraq to amend the Iraqi Constitution and add the statement in its preamble “The Assyrians are the Indigenous people of Iraq”.

Calls upon the United Nations and the international communities to treat the Assyrian refugees of Iraq to treat the displaced Assyrians within Iraq in a fair and equitable manner.

Calls upon the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon United Nations and international Community to support the demands set out in this resolution in respect of the Assyria political rights of Iraq.


Condemns Pakistan’s illegal and forceful annexation of Balochistan on 27 March 1948 against the will of the people of Balochistan and condemn the actions of Pakistan to deny the rights of the Baloch people;

Request the UN and International Community to constitute a high-level judicial commission to probe the cases of disappearances throughout Balochistan and ensure the immediate release of all disappeared persons being held without trial;

Request the United Nations and International Community take necessary measures to stop the military operation and indiscriminate bombings against civilian populations;

Cases of extra-judicial killings and political assassinations be thoroughly investigated by the United Nations and culprits involved in the brutal assassination of leading political figures;

Urge the international community to immediately take all necessary measures to prevent the further rapid growth of Talibanisation in Balochistan.


Condemns all human rights abuses committed in the Territory of Cabinda by the Government of the Republic of Angola and its proxies;

Calls on the Government of the Republic of Angola to respect the Cabindan peoples’ human rights and their right to political and economic self-determination,

Calls on the conflicting parties and in particular the Government of the Republic of Angola to urgently commit themselves to a peaceful solution to the conflict currently taking place in Cabinda through negotiation, mediation, plebiscite or arbitration,

Calls upon the companies operating in Cabinda to respect the human rights and the right to self-determination of the people of Cabinda, including the right to manage and control natural resources on their land and cease immediately the use of mercenaries,

Calls on the Republic of Angola to cease kidnapping Cabindan politicians and refugees in foreign countries, Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville, and to liberate them,

Calls on the conflicting parties and in particular the Government of the Republic of Angola to urgently commit themselves to a peaceful solution to the conflict currently taking place in Cabinda.


Call upon the Russian Federation to officially recognize all Circassians, whether they reside in historical Circassia or as part of the Circassian Diaspora, as the indigenous people of their motherland Circassia, affording them all rights, and accepting all responsibilities to them, as enshrined in the entire 46 Articles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

Call upon the Russian Federation to amend current repatriation laws so as to recognize the Circassians as a “special case”, guaranteeing them the absolute and unconditional right of return to their motherland Circassia, the unhindered right of travel to and from historical Circassia, the right to dual citizenship by their choice, and the elimination of immigration quotas, language requirements, residence requirements, or any other hindering conditions, whatsoever, to obtaining permanent residency and citizenship and residency in their historical homeland of Circassia.

Call upon the countries where the Circassian Diaspora lives in (Turkey, Jordan and Syria), to grant the Circassians dual citizenship, and to help the Circassian Diaspora to preserve their culture and to establish close links with their compatriots living in the homeland

Crimean Tatar

Recognize the Deportation of May 18, 1944 as a flagrant crime against the Crimean Tatar people and against humanity, which carries all features of genocide;

Strongly condemn the criminal actions against the Crimean Tatars which were marked with total expulsion of people from hereditary place of residence;

Call on the countries of the former Soviet Union and the member states of the EU to assist Ukraine in resettling tens of thousands of the Crimean Tatar families in Crimea, who have returned from the exile, to provide full access to archives on the Crimean Tatar people’s Deportation of May 18, 1944, to allow a comprehensive investigation, disclosure, and complete study of all causes and consequences;

Call upon Ukraine to quicken drafting and adoption of relevant legislation on restoration of the rights of Crimean Tatar people and determination their status in Ukraine;

East Turkestan

Urges the Chinese government to ensure that the articles of the Chinese Constitution protecting the rights of nationalities in China and its commitments to international law on minorities are observed in full, without exception or qualification, to ensure that Uyghur grievances are addressed in accordance with Chinese rule of law;

Urges the Chinese government to allow an independent international investigation into the events of July 2009 in East Turkestan when gross human rights violations through Chinese authorities had been committed during and in the aftermath of the 5 July 2009 protests;

Urges the Chinese authorities to ensure that those accused of crimes related to the events of July 2009 are afforded due process, tried in an open and fair court, and given access to legal representation of their choice and immediately and unconditionally release all those who are only alleged to have protested peacefully on 5 July 2009;

Requests the Chinese Government to make known the whereabouts of twenty Uyghurs extradited from Cambodia in December 2009 and whose whereabouts and wellbeing remain a grave concern;

Calls upon the Chinese authorities to open a meaningful dialogue with Uyghur leaders from the World Uyghur Congress acknowledged to represent the Uyghurs of East Turkestan and urge representatives of the international community to support such a dialogue for the peaceful and permanent settlement of the East Turkestan issue.

Gilgit Baltistan

Condemn the presence of Pakistani forces in Gilgit Baltstan, which is posing threat to the life, dignity, fundamental economic, social and political rights and even the very existence of the indigenous people.

Condemn the construction of the Bhasha Dam, the Bunji Dam as well as other five mega dams which are destructing and submerging huge rare monuments and have caused grave consequences to the existence of the whole region;

Condemn the displacement of the indigenous people, which changes the demography as well as the geography of the disputed colony of Pakistan;

Condemn the leases for mining of precious metals (in 2000) given to Pakistani and Chinese companies by the Pakistani authorities without having right to this land.


Urge Lao PDR to respect UN Charters, Conventions, and their Protocols to which it is a State Party.

Urge The Lao PDR Government to put a halt to serious violations of the Laws of the Land and the Laws to Freedom and Liberty and to demonstrate respect for freedom of speech, the right to form political associations, and above all the right to freedom

Join the United Hmong ChaoFa Democratic Party in calling to grant the Hmong people economic, social, and cultural rights and the rights to self-determination.


Condemn all human rights abuses committed in the Mapuche Territory by the governments of Chile and Argentina.

Calls on Chile to end the criminalization, violent repression and persecution of Mapuche communities, minors, leaders and activists in Chile;

Request the UN General Secretary and the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Peoples to initiate an investigation and dispatch a fact finding mission to Chile, in particular to traditional Mapuche territories in order to look into the issues of repression and serious human rights violations.


Strongly condemn the war crimes by the Ethiopian armed forces at the direction of the Ethiopian government perpetrated against the people of Ogaden;

Call upon the Ethiopian government to end immediately hostilities against the Ogaden people, release all political prisoners and civilian detainees, and stop the economic and aid blockade of the Ogaden;

Call upon the people of Ethiopia not to become party to the Ethiopian regime’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ogaden;

Hereby Requests the United Nations to recognise the conflict between the Ogaden people and Ethiopia as an armed conflict and initiate a UN sponsored mechanism for resolving it, by assigning the political office of UN to facilitating transparent, serious negotiations between the ONLF and the current Ethiopian regime with no pre-conditions, aimed at reaching a comprehensive, just and lasting political settlement of the conflict;

Hereby Requests the UN General Secretary set up an internationally monitored and demilitarized humanitarian aid corridor into Ogaden so that aid is no longer used as a political weapon by the Ethiopian regime against the people of Ogaden;

Hereby Requests the UN General Secretary to initiate the investigation recommended by the UN fact-finding mission of 2007 and dispatch a fact-finding mission to investigate and gross violations of human rights in Ogaden appointing a special Human Rights Rapporteur;

Hereby Calls upon the international community hold the Ethiopian regime and its officials to account for its war crimes in Ogaden.


Condemn the seeming lack of recognition and accommodation and protection of the interests of the Ogoni people in line with international best practice and our inalienable right to fair treatment.

Calls upon the relevant Nigerian authorities to rescind their decision to relocate the existing military cantonment in Port Harcourt (which is hitherto referred to as being the torture chamber of the Ogoni people under the past Nigerian military dictatorship) and building a military barrack facility in Ogoni.

Decides to use all available international machineries and processes to seek redress for the indigenous people of Ogoni.


Emphasises the rights of Sindh and other constituent units of Pakistan to own their resources for the betterment of their people.

Supports Sindhi women’s demands of gender equality and justice

Condemns the actions of the Pakistan government to deny the fundamental, human and environmental rights of the Sindhi people.

Is alarmed by Pakistan’s government’s various schemes of building dams and other measures to deprive the people of Sindh of their rightful share of water.

Southern Azerbaijan

Condemn the repression of 35 million Southern Azerbaijani Turks and all other non-Persian minorities;

Request that the voices of these people be heard through UNPO, and that the international community be fully aware of the reality in Iran and ask that they take necessary measures.

Southern Cameroons

Unequivocally Condemns the annexation and exercise of absolute colonial power on the Southern Cameroonian people by la Republique du Cameroun, rendering the people powerless, impoverished, and backward in spite of the abundant human and natural resources the territory is endowed with;

Calls on the African Commission, which has offered to mediate, to cause the AU Summit to pressure la Republique du Cameroun to submit to the approved Constructive Dialogue with Southern Cameroons in the interest of peace and democracy in the sub region.


Applauds the President of Zanzibar and the Secretary General of Civic United Front (CUF) for their move to resolve the political situation in Zanzibar and aim at uniting the people of Zanzibar.

Calls upon the international community to continue supporting the efforts to reconcile the people of Zanzibar and encourage the two parties to continue with their efforts to bring peace and stability and create an environment for economic social political and cultural development of Zanzibar.

Joint Resolution West Balochistan and Iranian Kurdistan

Call upon the government of Iran to immediately stop the execution of Kurdish, Baluchs and other prisoners of conscience, and investigate the extra-judicial killings of civilian;

Call upon the Iranian authorities to stop all militarization of Kurdish, Baluchs and Arab regions in Iran and border shelling alongside Iran- Iraq borders.

Raise with the government of Iran the issue of the current critical situation of the none Persian in Iran who continue to suffer the denial of basic human rights;

Pressure the Iranian authorities to stop torturing prisoners, give them fair trials and access to defense lawyers; and

Pressure the government of Iran to release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Resolution on the People´s Republic of China

Recognising the grave consequences suffered by UNPO Members all over the world due to the emerging economic, investment and other interests of the People´s Republic of China (PRC)in their homelands,

Condemns the contract to mine precious metals given to the Chinese authorities by Pakistan without prior consent of the people of Gilgit Baltistan

Condemns the use to which China uses its investment, aid and military support to many countries to block the international community from censuring grave violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, particularly in Iran, Pakistan, Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos,

Expresses grave concern about the increasing cases of violations of human environmental rights especially of indigenous peoples in Africa attendant to rising Chinese investments

Remains deeply concerned by the continued military threat from China towards the sovereignty of Taiwan and diplomatic attempts to isolate this nation from the international community,

While fully supporting the freedom struggle of Mongols, Tibetans and Uyghurs, remains deeply concerned that the survival of their cultural, religious and national identity is today threatened by China´s policy of population transfer and implantation of Chinese settler

Decides to establish an informal UNPO Working Group on China.