Circassian Association of California
Adyghe Khasa

Mission Statement

The Circassian Association of California / Adyghe Khasa, was formed for the benefit of Adyghes (aka Circassians) who reside in the state of California in the United States of America. 

Membership to the organization is extended to all Adyghes and any person who are interested in the purposes of this organization, and are willing to abide by its By-Laws, providing they are not known to have ever engaged in activities that subvert the organization and its members from the intended purpose of the organization.

The organization's main goals are to:

1.   Study and promote Adyghes in the cultural, social, creative, and athletic fields,

2.   Strengthen the cooperative ties among the Adyghe peoples,

3.   Preserve and nurture the Adyghe heritage, and

4.   Provide assistance to Adyghes in sickness or distress as well as proper and decent interment in case of death.